Oyster validity on First Capital Connect

Oyster PAYG and Travelcards are valid on First Capital Connect within London Zones 1-6 as shown in the map below.

Oyster validity on First Capital Connect

On First Capital Connect services the boundary stations are therefore as follows:

  • Welwyn Garden City line – Hadley Wood
  • Hertford North line – Crews Hill
  • Thameslink route – Elstree and Borehamwood
  • Brighton line – East Croydon (Zone 5)

At the start of your journey you must touch in, by placing your Oyster card on a reader.

A PAYG entry charge, representing the maximum fare, is deducted at National Rail stations where PAYG is accepted - when you touch the Oyster reader on exit the card balance will be adjusted so that you pay the advertised fare.

If you travel beyond the Zone area, you will be liable to a Penalty Fare.