Peak Tickets

Apart from Season Tickets, there are a number of train ticket options available for travel in the Peak, the Peak broadly being services timed to arrive in London before 10.00 in the morning and leaving London between 16.00 and 19.00 in the evening.

Learn more about morning and evening peak restrictions.

Travelling in the Peak? Learn more about the rail ticket options you have.

Anytime train tickets are flexible train fares that you can buy at any time and travel at any time which means you can buy in advance online, turn up at the station and go.

We offer Carnet tickets valid for 3 months  for those of you who travel regularly but not enough to warrant a Season Ticket. Carnet gives you a 10% discount on 5 or 10 single train journeys.

There is also information on Oyster, including PAYG and Travelcards as well as a guide on where Oyster is valid on First Capital Connect.

Anytime train tickets

Buy any time, travel any time means that you can buy in advance and turn up and go.

Anytime train tickets

Carnet train tickets

Valid for 3 months, a Carnet ticket booklet gives you a 10% discount on 5 or 10 single train journeys.

Carnet train tickets

Oyster on First Capital Connect

Learn more about PAYG, Travelcards and restrictions on our services.

Oyster on FCC

Penalty Fares

First Capital Connect operate a Penalty Fares scheme so please find out how this may affect you.

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