Off-Peak Train Tickets

Cheap train tickets for travel to London and on our network outside peak periods. These are our best value rail fares offering savings dependant on your time, day and number of people travelling.

Take time to book your tickets online to find the cheapest fares. Our booking system will show you the trains your ticket is valid on so you can choose the most appropriate fare for your journey.

Learn how you can save money when travelling Off-Peak

Looking to take a day out by train? Travel off-peak to take advantage of reduced rate train fares.

Off-Peak train tickets are cheaper fares that allow you to travel when it’s less busy, so with restrictions. Our Super Off-Peak train tickets offer even further savings when travelling on weekends and Bank Holidays.

If you’re travelling in small groups of 3-9 people, you can save 34% with a GroupSave discount on the adult fare. For journeys wholly on the First Capital Connect Network up to 4 children can travel for just £2, and under 5's travel free.

You can also combine rail and bus travel via PLUSBUS, designed to allow unlimited bus travel in the town of your choice.

Travelling Off-Peak

Buy your train ticket at any time and travel off-peak.

Off-Peak tickets

Low Weekend Fares

Visit London and Brighton for less on the weekend with our Super Off-Peak train tickets.

Super Off-Peak tickets


Groups of 3 to 9 people travelling together can save 34%.

GroupSave tickets


Add unlimited bus travel around town to your train ticket for around £2 a day!

PLUSBUS information

Plan your journey


Collect 2 points per £1 spent

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