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Many First Capital Connect passengers connect with us on Twitter, at @FirstCC.

  • We use Twitter to share important information that may affect your journeys.
  • The account is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week (except Christmas and Boxing Day), where we listen for mentions of @FirstCC, so we can respond to individual questions where possible.
  • We try to respond to your enquiries promptly, but at busy times this may not happen straightaway.
  • If you need train times, the best source of information is our online journey planner, which is constantly updated with the latest train times.

Twitter Rules of Engagement


We do our best to run all services on time, but of course, for various reasons, delays do happen. When delays are significant, information moves fast on Twitter, between us, our passengers, and organisations like Network Rail and other train companies.

That’s why we’re trialling the use of hashtags in some of our tweets. Searching for (or clicking on) a hashtag shows you the latest conversation happening around a certain subject. So rather than asking us a question and waiting for our answer, clicking on a hashtag can show you the latest information instantly. Give it a try.

Our hashtags:

#FCCdelay - We use this hashtag in tweets that share information about significant delays - when several trains are delayed for more than 20 minutes.

#FCCfaults - It really helps us when our customers tell us about things that need attention from our maintenance team. If something’s not right on a train or a station, include #FCCfaults in a tweet that tells us what we need to know. To make your report as useful as possible, please include the numbers marked on the side or the ends of your train.

#FCCthanks - People often use Twitter to tell us when they’ve been helped (or entertained!) by one of the First Capital Connect team. Including #FCCthanks in your tweet will help us to pass your gratitude to the person who’s earned it.

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