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We all know how frustrating it is to get to your local station only to find that your train has been delayed, cancelled or worse.

Although our performance record is improving, we still want you to be in control of your journey.

That's why we have introduced this service that provides information directly to you via email, when disruption occurs.

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Free alerts

First Capital Connect's disruption alert service is a free service providing real time disruption alerts via email to PC/PDAs.

The service provides bespoke journey information, allowing you to make informed decisions before you leave home, the office or a meeting, to make that journey.

Make it personal

You will need to register online for the free email alert service and specify a time range in which you usually catch your train, as well as the route you use.

This ensures you don't hear about a train that you never catch - it's personal.

All alerts can be disabled for a period, such as when you are on holiday.

SMS Alerts

If you would like to receive SMS alerts, you can register for this with National Rail Enquiries but please read the terms and conditions for further information on this service.

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