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30th September 2011

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Question number 11

From Joe B


Do you believe that you provide a good passenger experience for those who travel north of Cambridge?


We always strive to provide a good passenger experience but are also looking to do better. I sense from your question that you don't feel that we do but without the specifics it is difficult to address your concerns. Perhaps you could elaborate your personal experience?

Question number 10

From Tom Jonesfan


That Welsh bloke who works at Biggleswade station. He's lovely, he is. Can you give him a big thumbs up?


Hi Tom,

Thank you for getting in touch. It's always great to hear how much our staff are appreciated. I will certainly send your feedback to the individual and his line manager.

Question number 9

From phil gent


Network rail recently gave details of the £100m station improvment fund, to improve car parks, smart cards etc. Has FCC submitted any projects to take advantage of the availble funding?



We have provided a number of schemes and supported several schemes from other operators to Network Rail in the hope that we can secure some funding. We are expecting Network Rails decisions in December.

Thank You

Question number 7

From Bedfordshire Access Campaign


It seems ridiculous that, in 2011, stations like Biggleswade, with nearly 750,000 passengers a year, serving an area with a significant elderly population, is still utterly inaccessible.

Are there any plans to let disabled people in Bedfordshire travel without taking up half their day waiting for a grumpy taxi driver to take them to the next station?


The scheme to provide step-free access to railway stations across the country is run by the Department for Transport and called Access for All. The DfT prioritises and allocates funding for these projects and we are not aware of any scheme being in the pipeline for Biggleswade. That would not be to deny your point that Biggleswade has many passengers who would benefit from level access at their station; it is simply that there is a limited pool of money the DfT has to invest and there are other stations in even greater need than Biggleswade.

Question number 6

From Jonathan Morris


Can you please let us all know exactly where LTCEADL is, and how much a ticket to LTCEADL would cost? :-)

Failing that, do you think someone could fix the system to show the correct place where some trains divide, as against a siding? There are some things a passenger doesn't need to know!



Thank you for the feedback, I will look to resolving this erroneous message, can you let me know where this is displayed.

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