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30th September 2011

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Question number 16

From THUPTEN Sonam


staff's at hatfield station are very friendly and helpful



Thank you for your kind comment, I will pass that on to the team at Hatfield.

Question number 15

From . G


It seems that the carriage cleaners are not reaching the doors and their windows on the 319 stock. Most trains seem to have caked on dirt on these windows and at this rate come the winter you will not be able to see out of them!


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your observation. We will feed this back to our train presentation team for review.

Question number 14

From Val Tarol-User


I had the pleasure of travelling on one of your "new" trains back to Huntingdon the other day - I believe they are referred to as 3-2-1.

Well, like 3-2-1, they seem fit for Dusty Bin. Ted Rogers himself couldn't survive more than 15 minutes in one of those without succumbing to serious lumbago, and that's assuming he could squeeze into the miniature seats in the first place.

The seating in these trains, which appear to have had a very cheap cosmetic improvement that's already peeling off, is shockingly unfit for purpose.

South West Trains, East Midlands Trains, Southern Railway, First Great Western all installed much higher quality seating when they received cascades of older trains. Why haven't you?


Dear Val,

Thank you for your comments.

The 321 units were introduced to augment our current operation to increase capacty as part of the HLOS programme. Prior to their introduction they did receive a refresh but unfortunately new seats were not included in the scheme.

We are always looking to make improvements and will certainly take your comments onboard.

Question number 13

From Peter Skuce


I see the moquette fabric on the post-Silverlink units is at least half a millimetre thicker than on the 'standard' units - I specifically look out for these units when going to work now. The only problem is that I have had to wait up to four hours for one of the new units to come along. But it is worth it!


Thanks Peter. Glad you appreciate them.

Question number 12

From THUPTEN Sonam


I had a very unpleasant, embarrassing, and humiliating encounter with one of your senior member of staff in Finsbury station ticket counter) on 27,28 and 29th of Sep. 2011.
He was very rude, intimidating, unprofessional and arrogant staff one of the worst I have ever come across in my entire life.He at one point became aggressive and came out of his office to physically assault me,one of his colleague came out and stopped him.Ps refer CCTV footage on 27th sept afternoon between 12- 14.00 hours.I have enjoyed travelling by First Capital over the past years, but this incident has left me with great sense of disappointment. Today we are seeking an explanation from the higher management as to why this member of staff has been allowed to continue his unacceptable behavior towards me repeatedly for three days. He clearly enjoys his position as the most senior member on the station, even directing his colleague not to serve me. I wish you to question the other member of the staff who refused to serve me at the counter on his direction.
In brief, I reported this incident on 28th Sep to the customer relations (ref 6210924), I was assured that this will not happen again. Following morning on 29th Sep, He bluntly refused to serve me and told me to go and learn how to speak. When I questioned, on what ground are you refusing to serve me, for which he replied; I DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU. He called out for the next customer while I was still at the counter. I hope you can imagine the level of humiliation and embarrassment I went through in front of other customers repeatedly for 3 days, not to mention getting late for my lectures and incurring extra cost by having to buy two tickets. My wife then reported this incident ref; 6211720, 6211538 on 29th Sep, so far we found it hard to get in touch with the station supervisor and we only managed to get name of the station manager without any contact details. The customer relation team was reluctant to give any contact detail of the station supervisor. We were assured that this will not happen again but we are not convinced. Therefore, I urged you to kindly intervene in this matter. He clearly needs to update his customer service skills, so that no other customer has to go through what I have been through.
Anticipating an early response and action on this matter.
Many thanks.

Mr and Mrs Sonam


Dear Thupten,

Thank you for getting in touch.

This case is currently being investigated by our customer relations team.

They will be in touch with you directly once they have concluded their investigation.

Best wishes,


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