Passenger's Charter

We have designed the Passenger’s Charter so that it’s simple and user-friendly. The following key areas are covered by the Charter:

  • Planning your journey
  • Buying a ticket
  • Meeting the needs of customers with disabilities
  • Using our stations and trains
  • What you can expect from us when things go wrong
  • Contacts for comments, complaints and further information

Your views are important to us so can we measure how we’re doing by listening to your feedback. By learning from our customers and from our mistakes we will continually improve the service we provide.

Our Charter

We’ve tried to make the Passenger’s Charter as comprehensive as possible; however if you have any queries or comments please contact our Customer
Relations department
. The Charter will be reviewed every year.

Our Passenger’s Charter is available at all staffed stations served by us, from our Customer Relations department on 0345 026 4700 and via this website.

The Passenger’s Charter is also available in large print and Braille.

Our vision: A great journey every day

We’ve made significant improvements to your journey experience and there are more planned in the future. Our key priority remains getting you to where you want to be quickly and without fuss.

Passenger information during disruption

Feedback from customers consistently tells us that the flow of information about train services that are experiencing disruption is a priority for them and is an area we need to focus on more strongly.

As a result, ATOC have produced an Approved Code of Practice that sets out high-level guidance about generic good practice in the provision of information to customers during disruption. It provides individual operators with a framework that they can tailor according to local circumstances. 

View the Code of Practice

Download the Passengers Charter now