How do I claim compensation for a delay or cancellation?

If your journey with First Capital Connect was delayed by 30 minutes or longer, you may be entitled to compensation. If you wish to make a claim, you will need to provide your full journey details and a copy of your ticket. You can submit your claim online via Delay Repay or collect a claim form from one of our stations and send this to the address below.

Customer Relations
First Capital Connect Customer Relations Department

Is smoking permitted at your stations?

We have a no smoking policy regardless of the type of device people would like to smoke.

In addition to regular cigarettes, cigars and pipes, we request that e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) are not smoked on our stations or on our trains. This is because they can unsettle other passengers and cause people to think that smoking real cigarettes is allowed. 

E-cigarettes are often said to be a safe alternative to smoking real cigarettes. However:

  • The British Medical Association (BMA) believes that e-cigarettes should be included in the ban on smoking in public places.
  • The BMA says there is a lack of rigorous, peer-reviewed studies to support the use of e-cigarettes as a safe and effective nicotine-replacement therapy. 
  • The BMA also says these devices may also undermine efforts to prevent or stop smoking by making cigarette use seem normal in public and at work. 

Concern about e-cigarettes has led the Government to announce that it will introduce legislation that forces these products to be licensed. The Medicines and Healthcare Regulations Authority (MHRA) says that in the meantime people should use licensed nicotine replacement products – gums, patches, mouth sprays etc – to reduce the harms of smoking. These are all permitted on our stations and trains.

How do I subscribe, unsubscribe or change my details for the Travel Updates (text or email) services?

Free travel alerts from First Capital Connect (recommended)
We've introduced the second phase of a new free travel alerts service via email and text message that allows regular travellers to create alerts tailored to their favourite journeys, now including London Underground updates. 

You can now be alerted to scheduled changes, delays or cancellations on your entire journey allowing you to plan your travel accordingly.

Learn more about the service

Travel Alerts from National Rail
Sign up for real time mobile travel alerts tailored to your needs, whether it is for a one-off journey or your regular commute. To cancel all of your alerts, simply text STOP ALL to 64950. Find out more.

JourneyCheck Email and Text Alerts
To unsubscribe or amend your details log into JourneyCheck here. Click Remove Me at the bottom of the My Details page to unsubscribe.

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