Bedford sidings pave way for first 12-carriage trains and honour local man


New railway sidings that will help First Capital Connect (FCC) operate its first-ever 50% longer 12-carriage trains, at the same time providing vital extra jobs, were opened this week and named in honour of a Bedford railwayman born and bred in the town.



Breakthrough: The sidings were opened with a train passing through a banner

Jowett Sidings, as they are now known, have been built by Network Rail and will be used to stable 12-carriage trains that are almost one quarter of a kilometre long.

They come into operation on 12 December when FCC extends three services from Bedford in the morning rush hour to 12-carriage length and three home again in the evening, creating almost 1,500 extra seats every day. More 12-carriage trains will be introduced when a new fleet of trains is delivered in 2015.

And in a boost to the local economy, five shunters have been employed from the Bedford area to operate the sidings.

The sidings were opened officially by Shirley Jowett of Kempston, Bedford. Her husband, Rodney, began work as a Bedford cleaner in the days of steam. He was hugely popular among his colleagues and rose to the ranks of driver in the late ’60s and became a senior driver instructor, ending his career as Train Crew Leader when he took retirement in 2000. Sadly, he had little time to enjoy his retirement before he died from cancer in 2003.

Mrs Jowett unveiled a plaque in Rodney’s memory and a 12-carriage train entered the sidings, christening the facility.

First Capital Connect Managing Director Neal Lawson said: “These sidings give us the capability to operate our first-ever 50% longer 12-carriage trains. We’ll have three in the morning and three in the evening to begin with but many more will arrive with the new fleet of trains in 2015.

“To name these sidings in memory of Rodney was the right thing to do. He was a railwayman through and through and a true gentleman which makes him an inspiration to us all.

”And we are delighted to have been able to provide extra employment in these straightened times in the form of five new shunters.”

Mrs Jowett said: “Rodney is still very much in our hearts today and we are proud and touched to have him remembered in this way.”


Neal Lawson and Mrs Jowett

FCC MD Neal Lawson and Mrs Shirley Jowett



Notes to editors

1.       Jowett Sidings, built close by the railway station, to its south, have five roads (tracks) and are a key element of the Thameslink Programme, a £6bn Government-funded initiative to ease congestion on the Bedford to Brighton route and at the same add many new stations to the Thameslink network.

2.       In this first phase of the Thameslink Programme, Network Rail has extended platforms at 12 stations north of London on the Thameslink route, including three at Bedford. Power supplies have also been upgraded and two central London stations – Blackfriars and Farringdon – are being redeveloped.

3.       The second phase of the Thameslink Programme will be completed in 2018 at which point London Bridge station will have been rebuilt and many new routes stations will be added to the Thameslink network.

4.       The services that be extended to 12-carriage length start on 12 December. They will be:

·         Bedford to Brighton: 0658, 0730, 0748 and 1706 (arrives London Bridge 1827)

·         Brighton to Bedford: 0802, 1604 (arrives St Pancras 1732), 1630 (arrives St Pancras 1802) and 1702 (arrives St Pancras 1832)

5.       The five shunters have been employed to control train movements within the new sidings.

6.       For more information, visit and

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